Tiptoeing Liability Troubles in Texas

By Stephen A. Dwyer, Associate Attorney A recent case from the Texas supreme court reaffirmed and clarified a general contractor’s liability to an independent contractor’s negligence claims called JLB Builders, L.L.C. v. Hernandez. The case reaffirmed the general rule in Texas when analyzing a negligence claim by an independent [...]

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West Mermis Secures Summary Judgment Win for National Window Manufacturer

West Mermis attorneys Joshua W. Mermis and Stephen A. Dwyer recently secured a complete summary judgment win for a national window manufacturer in the 295th District Court of Harris County, Texas. Years after the manufacturer’s windows were installed on a project, the owner sued the window manufacturer alleging the [...]

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West Mermis Arbitration Victory

West Mermis and its general contractor client recently prevailed in a week-long virtual arbitration. In the end, the arbitrator awarded the general contractor, who happened to be the defendant, a monetary award after the arbitrator applied the prevailing party attorneys’ fee provision. It was a resounding victory for the [...]

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